Athena ConsortiumInclusive advice on peace, security, and development

About Us

Athena provides specialist advice, policy and political analysis and process design on peace and security issues, encompassing human rights, human rights, development and justice challenges. We offer gender inclusive approaches from A to Z.

Athena provides consultancy services (short and long term) to NGOs, United Nations agencies, governments, businesses and other private actors with a bona fide interest in peace and justice. We work as part of a growing and highly collaborative network of individuals, organisations, companies and institutions who are crafting ways to deliver on the gender justice, human rights, peace and security agenda across the world.

Athena offers depth and diversity of experience, creative thinking and bold vision, attention to detail and reliability, and work of a consistently high quality.

Talent Pool

Athena Consortium deploys experts for consultancy and long-term roles. Depending on the scope of work, we draw on this talent pool whose LinkedIn profiles and websites are provided. You can also use the contact form for requests and to explore our wider network.

Kay Soe
Khin Khin Mra
Sophia Close
Michelle Gehrig
Louise Allen
Vanessa Farr
Marie Forestier
Mireille Widmer

We highly recommend the following creative and technically capable graphic designer and website designer.

Ying Tzarm - graphic designer
Jere Salonen - website designer