Athena ConsortiumInclusive advice on peace, security, and development

What We Do

Athena's specialists design, provide, coach, train and share on gendered and inclusive approaches. We blend extensive technical sectoral expertise with deep knowledge and practice around process design. We offer thoughtfully inclusive and gendered support to people working across the spectrum of organisations and institutions on mediation, conflict resolution, peacemaking, peacebuilding, humanitarian and development issues.

Athena's work includes:

  • Direct, practical advice and technical support to mediators, peace process actors and women in and around peace processes; and to humanitarian and development professionals
  • Political, risk and conflict analysis
  • Country and issue briefs across peace, security, humanitarian and development themes
  • Mentoring, coaching and side-by-side support for personnel in a range of organisations
  • Programme and policy development, design and implementation
  • Support on the design of effective advocacy and communications strategies and products
  • Review and evaluation services
  • Policy-relevant research and analysis, peer reviews and research design