Cate Buchanan

Cate Buchanan specialises in mediation and process design, violence reduction and ceasefires, and gender equality and inclusion. Currently she is Conflict Adviser for the Livelihoods and Food Security Fund Myanmar, provides advice to UN Women Afghanistan, and manages an initiative on conflict-related sexual violence for UNFPA Myanmar. She also provides advisory support to the European Institute for Peace and the Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue.

In 2020-21 she was the Specialist Editor of Conciliation Resources' Accord 29, Pioneering peace pathways – making connections to end violent conflict and a Senior Adviser for the UN Office of the Special Envoy for the Secretary General -Yemen.

In 2018 Cate was a Senior Mediation Adviser on the Standby Team of Experts for the UN Mediation Support Unit in the Department of Political Affairs. In 2019 Cate worked part-time as a Standby Team Expert and for UNFPA Myanmar as a Senior Protection Adviser, and undertook consultancies for the Dialogue Advisory Group, UN Women, Norwegian Centre for Conflict Resolution, International IDEA, the UK, US and Norwegian Governments.

From mid-2014 Cate worked extensively in Myanmar as the first Technical Adviser to the Myanmar Alliance for Gender Inclusion in the Peace Process. Cate worked as an adviser to Nyein (Shalom) Foundation and the armed groups it works with supporting their national dialogues and negotiation approaches. Examples of other work in Myanmar are available on LinkedIn.

Cate was Chief Editor of Gun Violence, Disability and Recovery (2014). She worked for the Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue from 2001 to 2013, managing the Arms Programme, and later as a Senior Adviser supporting peacemaking initiatives in Asia & the Pacific. In 2004/05 she was based in Brazil on secondment to Viva Rio as a human security adviser.

Cate is the sectoral lead on humanitarian, peace and security for the Support Unit for Gender Equality managed by DT-GLobal for the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade and is a member of the Australian Government civilian experts pool, 'Australia Assists' and Women Mediators Across the Commonwealth Network.

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