Peace Processes and Peacebuilding

Endorsement for Athena from Keith Krause, Director, Centre on Conflict, Development and Peacebuilding; Programme Director, Small Arms Survey; and Professor of International Relations, Graduate Institute of Geneva:
Athena fills a gap in the worlds of peacemaking and peacebuilding with skillful advice and support to peace processes based on a fine-grained understanding of gender, security and inclusion perspectives to support programmes and policy-making initiatives.”
Conflict resolution, peace processes and peacebuilding are complex, multifaceted processes. Working toward sustainable peace requires in-depth substance, attention to detail and process knowledge. Athena offers such capacity by providing support to relevant actors through specialists with significant experience working in ongoing and post-war environments from Afghanistan to Libya, Myanmar, Central America, the Philippines and beyond.

Type of work we do:
• Direct support to mediators and peace process actors on technical issues.
• Country and issue briefs for specific audiences.
• Training.
• Evaluating programmes and policies.
• Advising and working with national counterparts on the drafting of National Action Plans related to the seven 'women, peace and security' UN Security Council resolutions.
• Programme and policy development, design and implementation.
• Mentoring as well as side-by-side support to officials and others to strengthen good practice.
• Policy-relevant research.
• Substance editing, drafting and remedial work on types of text (agreements, policies, reports).
• Peer and document reviews.

Examples of current and past work:
• Senior Advisor for Mediation Support, Gender and Inclusion to the Crisis Management Initiative (September 2013 to date). This includes direct support to the Yemeni Women’s Forum, and design and key technical support to a project contributing to inclusive conflict resolution models through women’s agency in South Sudan as well as work in the South Caucasus, Central African Republic, and Guinea Bissau.

• Devising and managing the Women at the Peace Table, Asia Pacific project for the Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue (HD), its flagship gender and mediation programme (2009-2013).

• Providing direct inputs to women and principal actors engaged or seeking to be engaged in peace processes in Libya, the Philippines, Myanmar, Nepal, South Caucasus and southern Thailand, through trainings, seminars and networking meetings.

• Leading a team, for the HD Centre, to develop a ground-breaking study on how to include gender in peace agreements. Entitled [From clause to effect: Including women’s rights and gender in peace agreements](/files/4)(2012), itt examines six peace agreements from Asia and the Pacific, identifying how references to women’s rights and gender perspectives could have been better included. It is used as reference material in the United Nations Department of Political Affairs High-Level Seminar on Gender and Mediation.

• Providing design support and technical inputs to HD-organised workshops of tribal elders and women from south and east Libya to discuss strategies and tactics for their working together towards national reconciliation and transitional justice (2013).

• Designing, writing, editing and compiling for the HD Centre the report entitled [Peacemaking in Asia Pacific: Women’s participation, perspectives, and priorities](/files/9) (2011), which includes an annex titled "Practical pointers for mediators" on how to incorporate gender into their work.

• Designing and implementing regional roundtables for senior women including mediators, advisers to peace processes, members of negotiating teams and government representatives from across Asia and the Pacific.

• Contributing analysis on inclusive mediation in [Chapter 3 of the African Union Handbook on Mediation] (2013) ](/files/1) for the work of regional organisations and others undertaking mediation.

See our Publications for Athena Consortium publications in this area.

Egyptian women line up to vote in the first free and fair parliamentary elections in November 2011, Cairo, Egypt  © Heba Aly/courtesy of IRIN
Egyptian women line up to vote in the first free and fair parliamentary elections in November 2011, Cairo, Egypt © Heba Aly/courtesy of IRIN